• Best Network Authentication for 5G

    Best Network Authentication for 5G

    Authentication is one of the most important steps in securing a network or application. It confirms who you are, which…

  • 5G NR Resource Blocks

    5G NR Resource Blocks

    The resource block is used to give scheduling flexibility in the time-domain. The RB also provides a means of adjusting…

  • The NG-C Interface

    The NG-C Interface

    NG-C (NG-Control-plane) is the acronym for a protocol used by NG-RAN nodes for signaling with the AMF (Advanced Mobile Front…

  • LTE EARFCN Converter

    LTE EARFCN Converter

    EARFCN, or the Evolved-UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number, is a fancy acronym that is quite simple. It is a…

  • Verizon 5G Coverage Map

    Verizon 5G Coverage Map

    Verizon 5G coverage map is still not as big as T-Mobile’s; however, it is expanding its 5G coverage to more…

  • T Mobile 5G Coverage Map 1

    T-Mobile 5G Coverage Map

    Mid-band 5G uses higher-frequency radio bands than 4G, which can deliver significantly faster speeds than 4G. However, mid-band 5G is…

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