Elissa Nguyen

Elisa is a reporter and writes about the latest in entertainment. Besides the latest news, you can also find reviews and suggestions in her pieces.
  • TechWhat is DOCSIS 4.0

    What is DOCSIS 4.0?

    DOCSIS 4.0 technology is a next-generation high-bandwidth standard for HFC networks that is designed to improve speed, reliability, and capacity.…

  • SoftwareBest Saas Instagram Accounts

    Best Saas Instagram Accounts

    Using SaaS, a user can access the software from any device. They do not need to install it on their…

  • Emmy AwardsEmmy Winners

    Emmy Winners

    The Emmy awards are given to actors, actresses, and musicians for their performances and are the most widely recognized award…

  • Emmy AwardsEmmy Awards

    Emmy Awards Overview

    The Emmy Awards are held throughout the year. Each ceremony has its own rules and awards categories. This article provides…

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